Sun Shade Energy
My House is Cool in the Day so I Have Light in the Night
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Using passive cooling to provide basic lighting

Video: Device Application Explainer (with components)

The Shade

Its designed to protect the home from excessive heat by blocking the sun’s rays and its ultraviolet radiation

The Battery

The system captures solar energy with the shade and stores that energy.

The Usage

It uses the captured energy for basic lighting and in the future, powering green appliances like a fan and a fridge.


Possible Designs and Installation of the Sunspecs

interior shade design

Internal Window Shades

Replace curtains and window drapes

exterior shade design

Exterior Window Shades

Serve as overhangs

fitted window design

Window Fitted System

Customized Window System

custom shade design

Custom Design

Catch the sun anyhow

building facades design

Building Facades

Office Building Facades

flexible shade design

Flexible Designs

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Sun Shade Energy is a company that promotes passive cooling through design of proper window systems with the added benefit of generating energy for basic lighting. We aim at correcting the heat capturing problem of homes in Ghana targeting the windows to reduce air-loss and heat-gain - to reduce the cooling requirements of the home.

  • March 14 & March 15, 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The Negawatt Weekend program. Ideation and extensive research into product development and definition of market need.

  • Research and Collaborations


    Research and Collaboratioins

    The idea for the product was taken to the experts. Changes based on technical feasibilty and target market dynamics were made to both product concept and it design.

  • Company Registration

    August 2015

    A Company is Born

    The Sun Shade Energy company was registered in Ghana as a company. The name and logo tradmarked for the company to stand as an entity.

  • MVP Design

    September 2015

    Design and Assembly of MVP

    The first prototype is the exterior shade system. It is the first technical presentation of the product concept using existing market components.

  • Ghana Win

    September 2015

    Became Negawatt Ghana Winners

    After a final pitch and demo event in Accra Ghana, Sun Shade Energy won the Negawatt Challenge in Ghana and won a trip to participate in the Smart City Expo in Barcelona and to competite against other National winners. .

  • Smart City Barcelona

    November 2015

    @ Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona

    The team presented the developed MVP and pitched in competition against other national winners from - Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil and a Negawatt Virtual Track winner at the Smart City Expo World Congress. Sun Shade was recognized by the Negawatt Challenge as the Most Original Idea.

  • Prototype


    Engagement of Funding Partners

    The team is currently in the process of developing the prototype for the market testing and are in the process of raising the needed fund to finance this stage.
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    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

Behind the scene.

Sherrie Thompson

Founder, Resource Mobilization and Business Lead

Adjoshoroghene Ojiyovwi

CEO, Research & Development and IT

Andrew Etwire

Product Research and Technical Advisor

Maria Daniels

Interim Chief Financial Officer

The Sun Shade Energy project has had contributions from Braelan Barnett, Owoyele Oluwafisayo, Kofi Essel-Appiah and a host of others both within and without the Negawatt process.

Investors and Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors and all who have shown faith in our project!
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